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Writing 101 Day 19: Vision Thing

Veröffentlicht Juni 26, 2014 von Zarah


Writing 101 Day 19

Don’t Stop the Rockin‘


Today is a free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go. Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing with but think is too silly to post about.

Metatron’s Cube caught up with me when I went to Stonehenge to visit the ancient druid’s cemetery. I had not planned for that at all. I sat there thinking of the druid who was buried there when suddenly this giant shape appeared before my 3rd eye.

Oops – what the f*** is that, I thought. then I heard this voice say, I am Lord Metatron and you have been asking for this, even though you don’t remember it at this point.

I had not asked for anything of the sort. But it seemed that wasn’t important to the entity who was speaking to me. He just went ahead giving me visions of this bloody geometric shape that made my head spin when I looked at it.

Well, he said, didn’t you listen to the Metatron Activation on the internet three months ago? I had to admit that I had listened to an mp3 with that title, but had completely forgotten about it. You see, he said, that was when you activated the events that are happening now. Oh, I said, so this is how it works, is it? I’ve listened to lots of videos and mp3s over the years and never had any stuff happen because of it. Well, he said, if you listen to my stuff it does work, unlike other things you may have given your attention to.. The giant thingy was still swirling in front of my 3rd eye …

to be continued

christmas holly

Another time I was doing my Christmas shopping, not thinking of anything except how I would find a suitable present for my mother-in-law when suddenly this guy in a Santa costume walked up to me and said, Would you like to see something really special? Not really, I said, I’m just looking for a Christmas present for a really conservative person, so something special wouldn’t be the right thing for her at all. She needs something pretty ordinary. Oh, he said, it’s for you, not for someone else. What do you mean, I asked him. He said, Just follow me and you’ll see.

Intrigued, I followed him. He walked into the back of the shop, then through a rather dark corridor and through a rather small door. He had to bend down to avoid knocking his head on the door frame. When we stepped though on the other side it was spring.

I was amazed. But it‘ s the middle of winter, I said. Not here, it ain’t, he retorted. Well, where are we? I asked him.. This is the land of eternal youth, he said. Things don’t grow old and die here. But how are these flowering trees going to bear fruit, if nothing ever changes? I asked him. Oh they do bear fruit, he said. There is no time here. They can have fruit and bloom at the same time. And sure enough, next to the flowers there were fruits hanging on the branches. Wow, I said, what a great place. I thought you’d like it, he said. That’s why I brought you here.


Writing 101 Day 3 – It’s Only Rock’n Roll …

Veröffentlicht Juni 4, 2014 von Zarah

Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.

Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice. The frequency and the amount of time you choose to spend today — and moving forward — are up to you, but we recommend a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes per day.

Well, this is a compromise, then  – I did edit out some of the spelling mistakes after I finished, and added some paragraphs … but I wrote without stopping MUCH longer than fifteen minutes. 😉 And I haven’t deleted or changed anything, except some of the more ugly typos. And added the music. Here goes …

Today’s assignment is to celebrate the three most important songs in my life. THE three. OMG. My life has been all about songs, music has been my companion ever since I can remember and I am supposed to narrow it down to THE three most importantsongs? How the f’** am I going to do that? I would have to sit down and think for hours … what songs have influenced my life? what songs do I keep coming back to even avter 30 years ore more? What songs move me most deeply? There are so many that it feels overwhelming just to think about it.

One song that comes to mind is Iggy Pop*s “The Passenger”. In this song he celebrates Berlin, where he spent a few years, the years he made records with David Bowie. Berlin, where I have spent more than half of my life. I moved here after I finished school, I couldn’t wait to get away from the small town where I grew up. It felt too narrow, too confining, and Berlin at that time was the capital of punk rock. There were squats, there were dilapidated houses, everything so run down, it was glorious. There also was the Berlin wall. But it was good to be on the western side of it. There was more freedom than anywhere. People came here because they were freaks or punks and this was the only place where they could life a life free of restraints. Then you could rent an apartment for 90 DM, which wuuld be the equivalent of 45 €. That gave you freedom because you didn’t have to think too much about how to pay your rent.

That has all changed now. Ever since Berlin became the capital of Germany, investors have been crowding into the city trying to turn every bit of ground into a real estate venture. *yuck* so Iggy’s song reminds me of the 80s, when it was still “West Berlin”, a special insular place in the middle of Communist East Germany, that you could only reach by a “transit” route where East German police would try to waylay you whenever you violated the rules of traffic, because then they would have the right to charge you for penalty and receive West German money – which was more valuable then their own currency.

Now I havent really written about the song … I danced to it for ages (it seems), he sings about “the city’s ripped backsides” and I think about Berlin, seen from the backside, when you go by Tube in the places where it’s overground and you can see the buildings from the backside. It reminds me of ruined places where punks gathered, the toilet was always broken and this music would be played. Today there is nothing left in that way. Everything has become really expensive. You cant go out dancing without paying 10€ admission. Back then it was always free or next to nothing.

Now for the next song … which one will come up? I have no idea. I think of The Damned … what a great band! Yes I think the song that starts playing in my ears is “Smash It Up.” One more punkrock song. Dont know what to write about it other than that I love it. Part One is just instrumental and very laid back, very melodic and harmonious. Then Part Two starts with the actual “song”, with dancable rhythm and vocals. Oh how I love Dave Vanian’s vocals … but actually I love the whole band, Rat Scabies and Captain Sensible, all of them. It would just not be the same crazy band if only one of them was missing. Don’t know what else to say than that I just love this song, and lots of others by them … History of the World, Plan 9 Channel 7, These Hands, and so many more. But I don’t want to pick two of their songs for the three most important ones, so I have to choose something else.

Lords Cover

One of my favourite bands of all time are the Lords of the New Church. I’m pretty sure most people have never heard of them. When I saw the coverof their first album back in 1985 (or thereabouts) and they looked like pirates sitting in a desert, I just thought “Wow! These are my people … I love them.” And when I listened to the record, I loved them even more. The first notes and chords from that record, through to the very end, I just thought nothing else but WOW and YES and This is the music I’ve been waiting for, without knowing that I was waiting for this. I saw them three times live after that, and in 1990 unfortunately their singer, Stiv Bator, died from the effects of a car accident … so the three albums they made back then will forever remain the only ones. *sniff* So, which one of their sngs should I pick to write, about? I love them all. I*ll go for “Living on Living” though, it has this eerie drumsound and it talks about someone who prowls the streets at night and isn’t fully human, the way I’ve always felt. “The subterranean escapes the light to an empty space / I’ll do my time prowling in the streets behind a human face / And I*m living on living /Living on Living / Gotta Roam / Yeah I*m living on living / Nowhere to go leave me alone …

Well now that I have practically finished the assignment, so much more comes to mind … songs by the Cramps, Human Fly, Primitive and People Ain’t No Good. They all celebrate being yourself, being different, not being the average human or the person society expects you to be. “The things I do you*d never try / What I get free you have to buy / Primitive / Thats how I live / Primitive / I take what you give” oh I could go on forever writing about my favourite songs of the 80s and I haven’t even started writing about my favourite bands that came later, like Kyuss and Monster Magnet … anyone still interested in reading these ramblings? Okay … lol Monster Magnet is just CULT even if lots of people think theyre mainstream and boring – but he keeps writing songs about time machines, talking to planets, living on weird drugs, dropping from the sky as a Space Lord and stuff like that. I love it. Also it’s body music … the songs are always very simple but compelling and great to move to. Dave Wyndorf escaped death narrowly more than once and his health isn’t so good anymore but he still keeps on touring and making records, tha man is a HERO. Period. Kyuss is great when you feel like just letting your mind drift away into wide open spaces and not think anything … if I had to pick one song it would be Space Cadet. I*ll leave it at that because if I continue writing I*ll be sitting here next week … the more I write the more great music comes into my head. I will insert some youtube videos if I post this. And of course I will think of lots of great songs later on and think why didn’t I think of that for the assignment? But that*s the way it goes …