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Das Wort zum Montag – Dalai Lama

Veröffentlicht November 10, 2014 von Zarah

Café-Aushang Akazienstr.

Der Planet braucht nicht mehr erfolgreiche Menschen. Der Planet braucht ganz dringend mehr FriedensstifterInnen, HeilerInnen, Erneuerer, GeschichtenerzählerInnen und LIEBENDE aller Art.

Dalai Lama


Writing 101 Day 2: A Place Called Home

Veröffentlicht Juni 3, 2014 von Zarah

We’re all drawn to certain places. If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go right now? For your twist, focus on building a setting description.

A Place Called Home

The place I am envisioning is a planet where magic is a part of the fabric of reality. There are enchanted forests where every tree is a unique character. They speak to you, and sometimes they curl around you and hug you. Their hugs feel very friendly and comforting. They provide warmth and shelter when you sleep in the forest, and they show you the way if you’re lost. The forest is home to unicorns, gnomes, and other magical creatures.

Of course there are not only forests, but also rivers, mountains and oceans, just like this Earth has them. But they are different. For one thing, they are their pristine self, untouched by anything that might be called technology. Beings who want to build houses, machines, roads and the like do not find the way to this planet. They emit thoughtforms that keep them away. There are other planets available for that kind of stuff, but not this one. So all the sounds you hear are natural ones – the wind in the trees, the ocean waves, voices and birdsong, the singing of whales, the cooing of doves and the screeching of crows. It is very comforting and relaxing. The sounds fill your aura and lift you up, they rush through your cells and give you feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

Every being here is connected to its own soul and to the soul of the planet. Separation just does not exist. That is why you can freely explore the different lifeforms here. If you want to be a tree, a dragon, or a sea-serpent, you can just shift your shape and become that creature. As long as you remember who you are as a soul, you can change your shape into anything you like. However, you should take care not to become so attached to one particular shape or form that you start identifying with it; for when you do that, you are stuck with it, until you remember that you are not it. Fortunately there will always be some friendly beings who remind you of your true self, so these periods of stuckness never last very long. 😉

This gives you an extraordinary, exquisite freedom. You don’t need to stick with any one form forever. You can gallop on the plains as a horse or a unicorn, or rise into the air as a gryphon or a dragon. You can burrow into the earth to discover the treasures hidden in the depths of the planet. You can morph into a sea creature and explore the deep-sea regions. Or you can become a winged creature and live on the tops of mountains to be closer to the skies.

All creatures on the planet are nourished by the vibrant energy that is in the air. They breathe it in and absorb it through their skin, and that is enough, even more than enough, to feed their bodies and regenerate their cells. There is no need for other food. All beings are completely provided with what they need, and they all live in peace with each other.

There are also portals that can transport  you to dimensional spaces. Some of them are hidden away beneath the surface of the planet. Some of them are out in the open. To use them, you just need to have a steady focus on your destination and the portal will get you there in no time. (Time is an alien concept here anyway …. it doesn’t really exist.) If your thoughts wander, you might end up somewhere else. But as long as you remember who you are, you can always go back. 😉

When I have had a hard and strenuous time on 3D Earth, I come here to stretch myself. Sometimes I lie down to sleep on the soft forest floor. Often the unicorns come and huddle against me. It feels so beautiful, so magical, so like home. They send me dreams of light-filled spaces, of beauty, wisdom and grace. Sometimes I shapeshift into my dragon form, I rise up into the skies and leave everything far below me. Then I feel my strength again, and I get a sense of distance and broader vision. Suddenly little things that have bothered me before just drop away because from up here, they look so small … and I feel my spirit stretching its mighty wings to glide on the currents and relish its freedom …